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At P & I Services of India we provide a range of consultancy services to meet any and all of our clients' requirements. Our team of Chief Engineers and Masters ensures we complete the job on time and to our clients' satisfaction.

Below are just some of the consultancy services that we provide:

  • Take over of vessels

  • Registration of vessels

  • Assistance to change Class of vessel

  • Developing documented Management Systems which meet the requirements of the various ISO standards and IMO Codes (ISM, ISPS, MLC).

  • HR management for office staff

  • Representation before Administration

  • SMS support including documentation & certification

  • Statutory certification assistance

  • Supervision of maritime projects

  • Risk assessment, reduction & management services

  • Preparation of various plans, procedures & manuals

  • Quality & regulatory compliance with ISM/ ISPS/ MLC/ ISO

  • Providing DPA & CSO support/ complementing services

  • RPSL consultancy

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